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Natalie Yoder
Certified Oola Life Coach

What is Oola?

Oo´• la \ n. adj. \ 1 a : a state of awesomeness b : a life that is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships, and well-being c : a destination (i.e., getting to Oola) 2 a : describing actions, insights and goals that lead to a balanced life (ex: That’s so Oola.) 3 a : the ultimate plan for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.

Have you found that life just isn't working lately? Job? Family? Fun - what's THAT??

Let's change that. Let's get you out of your daily rut and into the life you were MEANT to live; the life you were DESIGNED to live; Your Oola Life!



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